Competition Forces LG to Exit the Chinese Phone Market

Competition too great for the beleaguered phone maker.

China has a huge market for cell phones. It was the market that Apple placed almost all their hope in not too long ago. That market though, is full of competition, and one phone maker has chosen to pull out entirely. LG has confirmed that it will not be competing in the mobile phone market in China.

The company’s last Chinese phone release was in 2016 so it may not come as too much of a surprise that the company has thrown in the towel.

The smartphone market is not what it used to be. Smartphones have become commodities, and phone makers are having a hard time making a profit. The Korean company has been quite unlucky, with it’s mobile phone business being a drain to the rest of the company. Earlier this week, LG settled out of a class action lawsuit over the boot loop issue with several of their device models. Time will tell if this decision will help LG see a profit in it’s mobile phone division.


Source: Android Police


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