LG and Harman Kardon; great together for headphones



HGS900, that’s the alphanumeric combo to remember when looking for a good, wait, an excellent a set of earphones. The full name is LG Tone Infinim HGS900.

The have really great sound and I believe they are the only model available with retractable ear pieces. This means that as well as being easy to store you can also adjust the wire length for comfort.


I am by no means an expert, I just know what I like and I know quality.

By that I mean how they sound. I’ve tried several different models, I won’t go into which here except that last pair I owned was the Backbeats Go 2 by plantronics. My wife has those now.

Back to the Tone Infinims.

Only issue I have is the look and feel don’t reflect how well the sound or how easy to use they are.

All the controls are intuitively located and easy to use. The battery life is good, call quality great. Sound reproduction, well, it’s Harman Kardon. Nuff said.

You gotta try these.




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