Let’s Make a BBM Super Group!

We here at UTB have always been big fans of BBM Groups. Realistically, it’s how we all met each other here, and how we run the site. Invariably, when I mention this, we get requests to “join the group”. Now, we have invited other’s into our groups before, with varying degrees of success. I say varying degrees of success because while we’ve managed to make some great friends over the years, we’ve also seen that the addition of “non-bloggers” to a “bloggers” group has negative affects on the productivity level of the bloggers. In effect, we lose bloggers. And that really hurts the site.¬†There was a time that we had a “fan group”. Again, that was met with varying levels of success as we had more members that we could have in a single group. What we did in that case was have multiple groups, but then feelings got hurt as some people were able to be in multiple groups, some were unable to. It was really just a bit of a mess. With the most recent beta updates to BBM, the new maximum number of users in a group is 300. That is a lot of members, and it opens it up for us to have a “super group”.

Introducing the UTB Super Group! To be honest, as this is a beta function, and not everyone is on beta, we’re not sure how and if this will work with users that aren’t on the beta version, or users on BB10 [Edit: It appears this will not work with BB10]. This is precisely one of the reasons why we are giving this a try, to test it out. We are now building this group, and are looking for participants. You can expect to find both current and former UTB Bloggers, Blogcasters, and friends of the site. We are looking for group members that are readers of UTB, and fans of BBM. We aim for this to be a positive social group, and are looking for positive users to join. If you are a fan of UTB and wish to help promote the site, or even help out on the site itself, we most definitely hope you will join.

We are aware that BBM has a global appeal and user base, and that there are many different locales and languages used throughout BBM, unfortunately, we wish everyone to be able to be able to chat, and as we are an English language website, this will be an English language group.

How do you join? Well there’s only one way to find out how, and that is to go to the UTB Blogs BBM Channel. Instructions for joining the group will be posted there, once per day, until the group is full, or until we get bored posting it.

We hope to chat with you soon, in the UTB BBM Super Group!




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