Let Me Introduce Myself, I’m Graphic Novel Ron

I’m the newest UTB blogger: Graphic Novel Ron

I’m a Blackberry Channel owner which you might have known as The Walking Dead Followers http://pin.bbm.com/C00227AEA

Those who are subscribers might have noticed I’ve recently changed the channel name to Graphic Novel Entertainment.  I’ve went from full zombie to full on graphic novel fun. This expansion is not only for my channel as I have made the big step to start blogging for UTB.  This will be where I do more in depth reviews, spoiler discussion and previews of graphic novel entertainment such as movies and television shows.

So with that said, lets check out this zombie movie preview (What can I say I still like zombies)

patient zero

Patient Zero

The story is a familiar one starting out for a zombie movie; A super virus is changing people into human eating monsters, except for one guy. Now this guy who is immune (Z-Nation anyone?) is the only one that can talk to the turned ones.  They are desperately looking for Patient Zero to reverse the virus.  Did they find the Patient Zero? Will they find a cure before it’s too late?  Or are zombies becoming smart and ready to snuff out humanity as we know it?  Or could it be great B movie entertainment?

This movie will be out on digital 8/14 and in theaters on 9/14