Legere Or Chen? Which John Looks Best?


With the much heralded ‘kiss and make up’ between 2 of the mobile world’s most gregarious CEO’s in John Legere and John Chen leading to T-Mobile carrying the BlackBerry Classic in the US, it’s time for us to make a HUGE decision.

Both challenged the other to be pictured wearing the other’s company colours. And, to be fair, John Legere went first with this pic:


To which our John Chen has replied with this pic:

Chen T-Mobile

So, here’s a hard decision.

Does John Legere look better for being in a super cool BlackBerry t-shirt? Even though the pic has been taken on a portrait phone (and, for those of us who’ve moved on to Classic’s and Passports and the 1:1 ratio, doesn’t that look old now!).

Or does John Chen look best in T-Mobile Magenta (pink??) affair with that odd shooting star paraphernalia?

Legere or Chen?

Which is most improved by their attire?

PS. John (Legere), just a tip… use a BlackBerry for the pic next time, eh? Looks so much better!


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  • Brad

    Well one CEO obviously arrived dressed for work….

  • Well, to answer my own question I have to say John Legere does look much improved for his BlackBerry t-shirt. I also think he missed a trick completely by not embracing BlackBerry earlier, the BlackBerry comeback suits his style.

    Hopefully a sign of things to come.

  • Anthony

    It’s not hard. John Legere looks better, he’s wearing a BlackBerry T-shirt. locco_smiley_10

  • Legere looks like he’s on his way to play bass guitar at a rock concert, so I’d say Chen looks better, despite the pink shirt.