Leakers be damned!



Just recently BlackBerry was trying to roll out a beta testing program for Priv owners regarding the Marshmallow build of Android. As with all betas the company asks participants to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which basically states the participants will not discuss the program, copy files or disseminate information, etc. In this manner BlackBerry can get hundreds or thousands of eyes looking for bugs in new software, collect and prioritize reports, and work on potential solutions. Once BlackBerry is comfortable with the build they will roll it out to the Carriers. Seems pretty straightforward – a company wants its’ users to have the best possible experience.

Unfortunately, some beta participants have egos that overpower their moral compass and in a quest for their 15 minutes of fame they leak information. Not only was an NDA broken, it harms the BlackBerry Community as those who forward the information, steal BlackBerry’s thunder and dampen the hoopla of the roll-out. The folks who publish the leaked information may not have signed an NDA, but they are distributing ‘ill-gotten goods’. Finally the Community suffers a second time as beta programs become less frequent, software takes longer to roll out, and may contain more bugs when it does.

UTB has consistently taken a stance against leaks and leakers as in the end no one really gains, in fact, there may be reputational harm to BlackBerry.

Which begs the question- what possible motive would a former BlackBerry fansite have for publishing a leak?

The only honest answer is site hits/revenue – at BlackBerry’s expense.


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