Lawyer Produces Must See Nicholas Sandmann Video

Sixteen year old Nicholas Sandmann has filed multimillion dollar lawsuits against CNN and the Washington Post.

We’ve all seen his face. We’ve all seen the same clip of video. But how that video is interpreted may just be very different for all of us, depending upon how much of the actual video we’ve seen, and how much we allow preconceived notions to impact our judgement.

Last month, a video snippet of Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann made the rounds. The seconds long video showed everything that the half of our country wishes to see. A white male in a MAGA hat seemingly snidely grinning at a minority. Headlines exploded, and an army of blue check Twitter accounts went into an outrageous meltdown. There were calls by Kathy Griffin to dox the child, and calls from others to punch him in the face. The news cycle was inundated with stories of the racist kid getting in the face of an elderly Native American Viet Nam vet. Sadly, those blue checked accounts, and news networks didn’t take the time to watch all of the footage that was captured that day.

If any of these individuals had taken the time, they would have seen that these school children were first being verbally harassed by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. They would then see that the elderly Native American Viet Nam vet actually walked directly into the group of children, seemingly targeted Sandmann with his MAGA hat and approached him, beating a drum in his face. Sandmann actually showed a great amount of restraint, more than I would have myself, by simply smiling at the man. At one point in the video, another student began to argue back with the Black Hebrew Israelites and Sandmann stopped him from doing so.

Multiple angles and videos of the incident were available within days showing the full context of the incident. But the news cycle did not stop, and Sandmann was a target.

Sandmann was a 16 year old child who had the full weight of media and celebrity vilifying him. The poor Native American Viet Nam vet, Nathan Phillips turned out to not be a Viet Nam vet, and has had a previous incident such as this. Although his previous incident wasn’t captured by so many video cameras.

Sandmann’s family have retained lawyer L. Lin Wood to save their son’s name and future. Wood is known for previously representing Richard Jewell who was falsely accused of setting the bomb at the Centennial Olympic Park in 1996 and found the world’s media against him. Wood has since filed suit against the Washington Post for $250 million, and most recently against CNN for $275 million. We can be assured that more lawsuits will be filed.

Wood tweeted out the following must see video earlier today.

It appears that CNN and the Washington Post may have found a real fight with teenager Nicholas Sandmann and his attorney L. Lin Wood.


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