Latest Decision Finds Google Losing Out to Oracle

Google suffers major loss in years long court battle with Oracle.

The court case has been fought since 2010. Oracle vs. Google, Java vs. Android. If an open source platform is used to build another open source platform, is any money owed? That’s been the question, and in the latest decision, it seems the answer is yes.

The case has seen a series of decisions, each one a flip flop of the last. This last decision, came Tuesday. “There is nothing fair about taking a copyrighted work verbatim and using it for the same purpose and function as the original in a competing platform,” stated the decision from a panel of three Federal Circuit judges.

“We are disappointed the court reversed the jury finding that Java is open and free for everyone,” Google said in a statement, “This type of ruling will make apps and online services more expensive for users. We are considering our options.”

Google’s statement kind of glosses over an important part of the case. While Java is free and open source, Google’s Android used Oracle’s API and infringed on two of Oracle’s patents. Oracle was seeking $9 Billion in 2016, although the courts could determine that Google owes them more.

I’m sure that this lawsuit is far from over, but for now, Google stands to take quite a financial hit for their infringements.

Source: CNN


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