Latest BBM Update Makes BBMoji Official

Out of Beta, BBM allows users to make personalized animated stickers.

Those that weren’t on the BBM Beta have surely already seen the animated stickers floating around BBM Groups with their friend’s faces on them. The new BBMoji have been making daily appearances in my BBM Groups since they’re arrival. Now BBM has released the app out of beta and is available to all.

When I first spoke of BBMoji, there was a bit of a workaround to get them working as the companion app was released somewhat before BBM was activated for it. Within hours, everything was working just as it should.

Now, once you have loaded the update, when you go to add a sticker or an emoji, you will be presented with two tabs. One says “Stickers” the other says “BBMoji”. Hit that second tab and you will be taken to the Google Play Store to download the companion app.

With this app, you will be given the option to create and customize your own avatar. Take a selfie, or use a previously taken photo from your gallery, and let the app cartoon you. Then you will have the option to change your hair style and color, add glasses, and more. Once you have settled on your mini-me, save it and begin using in BBM.

When you hit the tab in BBM, you will notice that there are multiple pages of little animated stickers of your new character. Press and hold them to see them larger and see the animation. More stickers can be purchased through BBM or the companion app.

It’s great fun, and the integration to BBM is seamless. This is a great update to BBM that I’m sure most will enjoy.



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