Last Day to Pick Up BurgerCopter for Free!

Drop down and get your burger on girl!
Drop down and get your burger on girl!

*UPDATE!: Today is the last day to grab this fun little game for free…and my high score is now an 8!*

Addictions weigh heavily on a persons shoulders.

Let it be alcohol, crack, gambling or getting small electronic characters in-between pipes or hammers, there is always a demon to battle inside yourself…STUPID CHEESBURGER!!

Bigglybobblyboo, our English gent, wordsmith, and cribbage master, sent me the link to this game…I’ve been cursing him ever since.

Its such a good game and soooo freaking easy….but yet soooo freaking hard.

All you do is tap on the screen to change direction….and that’s it!!

My high score is a 3…I disgust myself.

Oh, did I mention its free for a limited time?

Get BurgerCopter in the BlackBerry World by clicking on the link.

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Stupid burger!
Stupid burger!