Krypton Accessories Begin Showing Online


With the Krypton suspected to arrive next month, the anticipation for its release is growing. As expected, the market is starting to witness the emergence of Krypton accessories begin showing online. However, it’s important to approach these accessories with caution, considering the history of misleading product listings. In this article, we explore a particular accessory for the upcoming BlackBerry Krypton that appears promising.

With the Krypton suspected to arrive next month, it’s no surprise that accessories are beginning to appear


It seems that every time a new phone is set to be released, we see the accessories pop up before. Sometimes, these accessories aren’t exactly real. Many online retailers will post accessories for the named devices as a way to pull people in, with the accessories not actually being for the device, or actually being for sale. Many times though, they are for the device. Our friend Aaron shared one such accessory for the BlackBerry Krypton that certainly looks right.

The accessory is a silicone case listed for the upcoming BlackBerry Krypton on AliExpress.

The case appears to have the cutouts in places which would match up with what we’re used to with the BlackBerry KEYone. You’ll also notice the top of the case is molded to show off that metallic stripe across the top like on the KEYone. One would think that this could just be a case for the KEYone except for the fact that this case has all buttons on one side, and the KEYone does not. The volume rocker, power button, and convenience key all on the same side? That’s new.


The appearance of accessories for the BlackBerry Krypton online indicates that the device’s release is imminent. While some accessory listings may mislead consumers, a silicone case found on AliExpress shows promising similarities to the BlackBerry KEYone, yet with distinct design differences. As the Krypton launch draws near, users eagerly await further updates and official releases from BlackBerry. Discover the untold treasures of knowledge as unveiled by the brilliant minds behind UTB blogs. Unleash your curiosity and reach out to us for an enlightening journey beyond the ordinary.

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