KRACK, What is it, and what you can do against it

In the last few days the tech world has been talking about KRACK, the vulnerability that can exploit your WiFi if you use the most secure protocol of WPA2. If you use any WiFi network, and it doesn’t matter where, and how, if you use your PC or Smartphone, you are in danger of being hacked.

KRACK, until your router vendor or Smartphone vendor will fixes the security hole, is the most dangerous vulnerability out there.

What is KRACK actually able to do? To keep it simple, the vulnerability allows hackers / attackers to simulate the user’s network and get through the encryption and protocol protection, thereby injecting viruses or attacking the compromised network.

What can you do to stay safe?

The truth is that there is not much to be done, at least until the security update comes from the routers or cellular manufacturers. Google has already announced that the update will be available in early November and will close the breach for Android users. So if you have BlackBerry Android devices, you’ll be one of the first to get the update, other manufacturers probably will not update the devices.

What can be done.

  • Is to try to browse only sites that are defined as HTTPS which are more secure
  • Connect to a network with a network cable and in effect you are skipping the breach

Currently, according to updates , if your network has an android 6 or higher device, KRACK can easily download the encryption on your device and gain access. This update will come in about two weeks.

***Update*** Microsoft already deliver the fix for KRACK


Roy Shpitalnik

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