Here’s What You Should Know about TCL Corporation

TCL and BlackBerry

Here’s a bit of information for you on the company that just signed the deal with BlackBerry. You’ll hear the name a lot over the coming months (years), so I thought I should share some of the basics… Some of it may be familiar if you caught the most recent Blogcast.

TCL is a Chinese company that have several holdings like TCL Multimedia and TCL Communication, all of them are traded on the stock exchange under the main header.

This company is incredibly seasoned in the tech world, which should garner consumer’s trust.  Their product line includes refrigerators, TV’s, washing machines, and ACs. Six years ago they were relatively unknown and ranked 25 around the world as manufacturer; now they rank third for TV market share.

TCL are pretty big when it comes to electronics as they sell branded Alcatel phones and branded TV for Thomson across Europe. They even got partnered with IKEA to sell their own TVs for consumers. In my country, we recently started to see TCL branded TVs, and they got excellent reviews. We can expect nothing less for BlackBerry.

This is clearly a company that knows how to market and sell their products. All the more reason to believe they will do the same with BlackBerry smartphones.


I know it may sound too good to be true. With their track record, it is arguably the best deal BlackBerry could have now that they don’t build their smartphones in house.

#TheNewBlackBerry is just around the corner.



Roy Shpitalnik

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