KFC introduces the Kentucky Flying Object

Now I’m hungry for chicken.

KFC has a habit of introducing really odd and limited gadgets with their orders. So far, none of these gadgets have been available in my market, and I’m very displeased by this. This latest offering, is just like the others. Meaning, I can’t get my hands on it. This offering goes by the name “KFO” which stands for Kentucky Flying Object and is only available today and tomorrow, in limited quantities, in India.

So what is the mystery gadget? It’s a drone. To be more precise, it’s the box for KFC’s newly announced, India only offering, Smoky Grilled Wings. The box has pieces which can be punched out, and used to assemble what I can only assume would be a delightfully smelling Bluetooth operated drone.

Just imagine, having a drone which you could control with your phone, swooping through the house and leaving a scent of delicious Smoky Grilled Wings wafting in it’s wake. Ok, that may not go over well in every household, but I would appreciate it.

How about it Colonel, can we get some drones on our Extra Crispy packages over here? I’d love a Kentucky Flying Object.

If you’re a reader in India that manages to get their hands on one of these fun packages, we want to know. How did it fly? And was the chicken good?

Source: The Verge


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