KEYone Release Day in North America!!!

If you live in North America, are a huge BlackBerry fan, and want get your mitts on a KEYone, then today is YOUR day!

The North American launch, well at least for Canada and the United States is on. Have you checked with your carrier yet? Have you looked on-line to see where you can buy directly? Or are you on your way to the local store or carrier store to pick it up?

We, here at UTB, have been prepping you with great reviews, videos, and information blogs to keep you in the know. We want your opinions of how it feels, how it works, and what you love about it!

Sound off below.

Here are some great information links for you to get your KEYone up and running quickly.


Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.