Check Out Keyboard Browser In The Google Play Store

I have written a few articles on alternative Browsers for Android so when a friend suggested Keyboard Browser, I just had to give it a try.

Keyboard Browser by Alain Grange is designed to make the most of your physical keyboard. It has a heap of keyboard shortcuts to improve your browsing experience.

List of shortcuts:
– A/Q: Display menu
– W/Z: New tab
– P: Previous
– N: Next
– L: Reload
– I: Zoom in
– O: Zoom out
– S: Find on Page
– T: Go to top
– B: Go to bottom
– Space: Scroll down
– Shift+Space: Scroll up
– K: Bookmarks
– U: Select URL
– Del.: Delete Tab (menu open)
– Pinch In/Out: Zoom In/Out
– Swipe Up/Down: Previous/Next tab (menu open)

What I like most about Keyboard Browser is that was designed to give the same feel as the BB10 browser with the bonus of the shortcuts. This app is ideally suited to the BlackBerry Priv and the new KEYone.

The app offers a choice of search engines, bookmarks etc but it does lack a private browsing feature that apparently is being worked on.

The developer is working constantly to improve the app and you can get it FREE in the Google Play Store.  There are ads in the app, as with most free apps these days, that appear at the top but if you want to get rid of the ads there is an in app purchase of $1.99 which also helps the developer to keep improving the app.

So if you love the style of the BB10 browser then give this one a try. With a few more improvements, this could definitely become my Browser of choice.

Keyboard Browser