Keyboard Browser available for update now!

Following hard on the heels of the update for Keyboard File, which Wayno reported on yesterday here, developer Alain Grange has released an update for its sister app, Keyboard Browser.

The latest update should be showing up in Google Play now (You can download it for free here), and includes a host of improvements, including support for Third Party Cookies, support for Basic Authentic, and Google Play link compatibility (meaning that when a link to Google Play is clicked, Keyboard Browser will open it in the Google Play app).

Keyboard Browser by Alain Grange
Keyboard Browser by Alain Grange

As we have reported before, Keyboard Browser is an awesome app that gets better and better with every update. I would definitely recommend it, particularly if you are new to BlackBerry powered by Android devices after using BB10!

Do you use Keyboard Browser? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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