KEY2 and KEY2 LE for $0 is Real at TELUS

If you want the KEY2 or the KEY2 LE this is your chance.

TELUS the Canadian carrier now have the BlackBerry Mobile devices for a great price as you can get them for $0 with 2 year plan.

If you want the KEY2 you will have to choose a 2 year plan starting from $105 P/M deal, for the KEY2 LE you will need to take at least an $85 per month deal.

For TELUS site.

In the European store of BB Mobile you will find great deals for the KEYone and Motion. BlackBerry Mobile didn’t mention any time frame for the deals, but with Black Friday coming by can be the reason.

You can choose from 4 models, 3 of the KEYone and the Motion.

  • KEYone Silver will cost 299 Euro (Or 269 Pounds in the UK)
  • KEYone Black will cost 399 Euro (Or 359 Pounds in the UK)
  • KEYone Bronze will cost like the Black, 399 Euro (Or 359 Pounds in the UK)
  • Motion will be 399 Euro (or 359 Pounds in the UK)

The European site deliver to 25 countries so be sure your is in the list.

To the BB Mobile European site.

Roy Shpitalnik

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