Keeping Track Of Movie Releases, Sports Events, And More

Kalendar by Little Boat Studios
Kalendar by Little Boat Studios

Little Boat Studios, a new BB10 development studio created by the people who created the award-winning BB10 developer studio Refocus Tech, have released their latest app Kalendar.

Kalendar helps you keep track of events like upcoming movie releases, broadcast dates of your favourite TV shows, upcoming matches in your favourite sports leagues and tournaments, and more. It allows you to select the events you’re interested in, and arranges them in a list in chronological order. The best part is that it also syncs with the BB10 calendar, adding those events to the BB10 calendar.

It’s well designed and remarkably easy to use. Little Boat Studios has said they’ll be updating the supported events every month. They also encourage users to let them know which events they would like to have added to the app. (e.g. a particular sports league’s schedule).

This app is a brilliant idea, and has been sorely needed. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this kind of app for a while, especially since one of my favourite sports leagues decided not to allow users to add the calendar to their smartphones’ calendars this year. :-(

The app is available for BB10 and Android, and is coded to be native on each platform.

You can find it on BlackBerry World and the Google Play store. Check it out, and help support BB10 developers.

Source: Little Boat Studios BBM channel C004D9DA



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