Kaspersky Lab – Guilt by Association?



Once again Kaspersky Lab is in the news, but for all the wrong reasons. You see, earlier this week the European Parliament voted 476 to 151 to place a ban on all Kaspersky Lab products.

The ban was due in part from a report from Estonian MEP Urmas Paet of the Committee on Foreign Affairs which stated,

Calls on the EU to perform a comprehensive review of software, IT and communications equipment and infrastructure used in the institutions in order to exclude potentially dangerous programmes and devices, and to ban the ones that have been confirmed as malicious, such as Kaspersky Lab.” (emphasis added)

Now before everyone starts nodding in unison let’s be clear – while Kaspersky Lab was started and is currently headquartered in Russia, there has been absolutely no evidence or proof of the aforementioned ‘malicious software’. In response to this maligning, Kaspersky Lab has pulled out of a collaboration to assist the European Union fight cyber crimes. Without evidence it’s hard to say whether the EU is better or worse off for this decision.

While the allegations of Russian collusion have been far reaching (Twitter banned their Ads in April 2018) there has been nothing more than allegations to date.

It’s a shame a company can be tried and executed solely by rumor and at the risk of sounding cliche’-







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