Kahn Brothers Raises Their Stake in BlackBerry Yet Again


We have reported several time on the Kahn Brothers Group and their attraction to BlackBerry.  The firm was headed by Irving Kahn the oldest living investment professional at age 109 until his recent passing in February of 2015.  Kahn was one of the most successful investment professionals around (even being profitable in 1929) and also served as a teaching assistant for the “father of value investing” Benjamin Graham, a legend in his own right.

A recent SEC filing shows that the firm is still very bullish on BlackBerry and increased their stake by 513,518 share bringing their total to 2,359,528 shares with an approximate value of $21 million currently.

This is great vote of confidence for BlackBerry and the stock as Kahn Brothers Group does not take these investments lightly.  Given that nearly 40% of their over half a billion dollar portfolio is made up of just 4 companies, you can best believe that they do not go into these large positions lightly.

I know I have said this before and I’ll say it again.  Do you as a reader, fan and or investor want to take the word of a tried, tested and true investment firm or the rambling of a so called “fan” who claims John Chen doesn’t have the ability to manage and BlackBerry will not be around next year?

You make the call.