Justice League: The Review

There has always been some kind of rivalry throughout history that has drawn the attention of the people. Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison, Aaron Burr vs. Alexander Hamilton , Coke vs. Pepsi. And then there was DC vs. Marvel. For the longest time before there was a comic book made into a movie or television series coming out every week, fans debated over which universe was better. Some would have said DC had the better characters , while some said that Marvel had the better storytelling or  vice versa.

Justice League

Even in the early films DC seemed like the only one that was represented with the 80’s Superman an Batman being blockbusters. When Marvel started unveiling it’s cinematic universe with the X-Men franchise it started to catch up and about a decade later passed DC hands down as the fans favorite. There was still those that would not admit it. 2017 could be know as the year that DC got back in the fight and punch Marvel in the face. POW! Sorry couldn’t help it, the inner Adam West came out of me for just a moment.

After a poorly received Batman vs. Superman and a mixed feeling Suicide Squad, DC released probably the best superhero movie of the year with Wonder Woman. So how does Justice League stack up?


I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, a really solid story with great action and acting. There are some things that needs work, first let’s talk about what worked for me. The superheroes themselves were the main thing that I enjoyed. Seeing the Batman and Wonder Woman character progression was refreshing. No more did I see the same character that I usually get movie after movie. The new addition in superheroes such as The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg were introduced in a smart way. No extensive backstory’s being played out, just a very quick reference of who these characters are and what they can do. Director Zack Snyder didn’t treat the audience like buffoons and figured we would catch on pretty quickly. The next thing that worked is the right amount of comedic relief that was used throughout the movie. The Flash filled in for most of those spots that had the audience chuckling. While I believe Aquaman was attended to be funny in a serious way it didn’t come over well in my opinion. Jason Momoa who  portrayed the heir to Atlantis is much more suited to play the strong silent type, but it could have been worse and we could have had The Rock reprise is role in Moana. There are some surprises in it that help the movie, but you are going to have to watch them for yourself. The final thing that worked was that the fight scene’s were very good. There were some new twist on things that were done before, but still very entertaining.

Here what didn’t work, the villains. DC and Marvel are both guilty of this. We get introduce a new super villain that we know nothing about, only that they are powerful. Steppenwolf was a cookie cutter over powered villain that has made it’s way across the screen time and time again. The only thing that changes is the name. I don’t know how both entities solve this problem or don’t even try as long as the money keeps pouring in. I have to feel like the villain could win, even though I know the good guys will. The last couple of movies seems like a reoccurring bad dream.

Final thoughts, I see DC making a strong push in the fight in the debate who has the better comic universe with their stance in making Wonder Woman as it’s face of the brand. How can you go wrong with Gal Gadot? I would highly recommend this movie,  4 out 5 stars.