Just Say No


With the recent passing of Mrs. Reagan, I thought back to times of enjoying ridiculing her “Just Say No” campaign and laughing at the brainless simplicity of her ‘solution’ to the complex issue that is the drug problem in America…economics, education, family breakdowns, poverty, criminal gangs, smuggling, cartels, stress, psychological issues etc etc.

As the years passed however, the words stuck, I think in everyone’s mind. As there have been times of temptation, unwittingly the words would pop into my head, and I summoned more will power. I now owe the dear lady my apology and thanks and yes, sometimes it really is just that simple and there is a certain wisdom in simplicity. Sometimes it does boil down to individual choices and not government actions. Sometimes the buck stops here.

So in her honor, I propose just saying no to something. As for me? I choose to just say no to Android/Google. In the interest of liberty and freedom of choice, thank you Nancy. Rest peacefully.#ichooseblackberry10


I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.