Just in time for the Holidays!!

Santa Claus with checklist, portrait, close-up

Yes iPhonians, Uncle Tim has delivered the Apple gift that keeps on giving – iOS vulnerabilities. You see, in spite of the claims that iPhones are safe and secure, the celebrated ritual of ‘hack of the month’ continues, care of those generous programmers from Cupertino.

The ever vigilant folks over at SecurityWeek have published yet another programming flaw concerning iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1. This latest oversight involves “a bug that can be used to bypass Apple’s Activation Lock feature and gain access to the homescreen of locked iPhones and iPads running the latest version of iOS.

I’m thinking the writers over at SecurityWeek should simply block-off a column and dedicate it for upcoming iOS vulnerabilities. As we’ve covered before, iOS is the most vulnerable platform, in spite of the fact it only accounts for ~12% of global phone sales.

Finally, I find it somewhat ironic that the most profitable company in history still can’t seem to hire a group of programmers who understand and appreciate the concept of end-to-end security. I know, why not share that Holiday spirit and give that special someone a gift they will appreciate – a BlackBerry!


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