Just In Time For Spring, CascaRun Pro Gets Updated!

Run baby run!
Run baby run!

As the weather warms…the birds start to chirp and that winter gut starts to show under your t-shirts. There is no better time to grab your BlackBerry, tie those running shoes and fire up BWA’s newest version of CascaRun Pro.

CascaRun Pro ($4.99) is going from version to and with it brings:

* Fixed Bluetooth issue with 10.3.1.
* Added support for SD card in music player (HUGE!)
* Use more 10.3.1 features.
* Make the random playlist really random.
* Always use time instead of distance for x-axis or indoor activities.
* Fixed issue with importing/exporting files with “dots” in the file name.
* Fixed issue when selecting artist/album with the free version.
* Minor clean-up.

If you want to download or force the update (if it doesn’t show you), then click on the link.

Enjoy and happy running!