Just How ‘BlackBerry 10’ Is The Priv… By BlackBerry?


When BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Experience Suite not that many people, other than myself and Web99, seemed to sit up and take any notice at all, to be honest. What myself and Web were saying (READ IT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!), back in March, was that, in software terms, allowing other OS’s like Android and iOS to buy parts of the BlackBerry 10 experience made sense. Watch the official video again:

Why? Because, as any good BlackBerrian knows, the best features of BlackBerry 10 simply blow away anything other OS platforms have to offer. PLUS, there’s no attached hardware costs. WIN, WIN! Apparently, of course, BlackBerry 10 doesn’t have ‘the apps’ (which it actually does but let’s not spoil a good story) so it was dismissed by the mass media in it’s entirety. Truth is, as you NOW meander across the interwebs, that you could be forgiven for thinking that all these tech journalists ALWAYS wanted a BlackBerry, they just couldn’t find where to get one from.

Actually, they’re all grabbing an Android phone with all the best bits of BlackBerry 10. They just refused to admit that BlackBerry 10 was superior before but hey, they have their excuse, let’s welcome them to the party, even if it’s not quite the full version.

But, as this is essentially the first foray into cross platform for BlackBerry, just how ‘BB10’ is the Priv? We won’t know fully until the launch, but here’s a taste of what we DO know…

HUB – Well, first and foremost this isn’t Android as Androidians know it. The Priv might fire up as Android but you got the BlackBerry 10 Hub. Androidians, I know, have no idea how powerful this thing is, they think it’s another ‘Notification Centre’, how wrong can they be. I’m looking forward to the ‘WOW! The Hub! I had NO IDEA!!!’ comments…

Calendar – works exactly like BlackBerry 10

BBM & Contacts apps – just like BlackBerry 10

Keyboard(s) – laughably Androidian trolls have taken the official video of the Priv as gospel and think that there’s no virtual keyboard. ‘I’m not interested in something I can’t load Swiftkey on’ and ‘physical keyboard BlackBerry? What’s this, the dark ages????’ It has BOTH worlds, the incredible BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard as seen in the ‘Z’ series phones PLUS the capacitive keyboard of the Passport. That’s some beast.

Gestures – we understand there is a certain amount of BlackBerry 10 gestures (but not the whole kit and kaboodle, if you will), but hey…

DTEK – not BlackBerry 10 (in a way) as we’ve never needed it but for Androidians it should be fascinating to watch their faces as they get leeched off in real time. Will this be the first phone that actually tells them?

So, here’s the question…

How BlackBerry 10 is the Priv by BlackBerry? Is this a sneak peek into the Experience Suite for iOS, for example? Is it enough to tempt you?

Oh, and here’s… one…. last… thing…

BlackBerry have made the Hub for Android and iOS. A working unified inbox in their environment. In other words, BlackBerry not only made something in BlackBerry 10 that Google and Apple weren’t capable of…

They then made it in their OS’s too.

Makes Google and Apple’s efforts over the last few years look a bit pathetic really.


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