Jurassic World: Battle At Big Rock

Would you like a little more Jurassic World?

Who doesn’t like reborn dinosaurs? Sure, we knew another Jurassic World movie was in the works. Apparently there is even a cartoon. But if you’re not keen on waiting on these new additions to the universe, a short film is heading to FX this Sunday.

Film maker Cokin Trevorrow took to Twitter to share a poster for the film. In the poster, there is a “don’t feed the wildlife” sign with a slightly different graphic than we’re used to. In the background we can see a truck and camper. We can only assume that these campers will have more to worry about than a bear grabbing their picnic basket.

In subsequent tweets, Trevorrow revealed that the film would be arriving online immediately following the FX release. He also shared that the film would start Andre Holland, Natalie Martinez, Melody Hurd, and Pierson Salvador.

Will you be watching the Battle At Big Rock?


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