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A new cross-site community podcast begins tomorrow.

Over the last few years, BlackBerry has gone through numerous changes. The once great smart phone maker nearly died. Under new leadership, BlackBerry has completed a turnaround which brings the company back in to the spotlight. BlackBerry has managed to pivot from a hardware company, to utilizing it’s core strengths in privacy and security into numerous new realms as a software company, all while finding a way to do so that ensures the BlackBerry faithful is still able to get their hands on BlackBerry smartphones.

Over the last few years, the BlackBerry fan community has gone through just as many changes. As BlackBerry struggled, we watched as many within the community lost faith, and moved away to other platforms and brands. This left our fan community much smaller, and ultimately decreased the level of support BlackBerry could obtain from us, when that support was most needed. #TeamBlackBerry wasn’t much of a team anymore. This exodus by such a large number from our community had another effect. It ensured that those of us that were left, could look at one another and understand that we were the truly dedicated. We were the one’s in for the long haul. We were here to support our brand of choice and nothing would change that.

With BlackBerry now on the rise, and with new phones set to arrive, we can see that our community is changing again. The once huge, and then small, fan community is growing once more. Old members of our community are returning, and new users are showing interest. It’s time for a #NewTeamBlackBerry. Who better to usher in this new team than those that are still here from the old team?

We are proud to be a part of a new regular inter-site podcast series set to welcome new members of the BlackBerry fan community. Join us this Thursday as UTB Blogs joins NerdBerry, BerryReporter, and BerryIL in a roundtable discussion about all things BlackBerry on #TheNewTeamBlackBerry Podcast.

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  • anthogag

    Please try to keep it to 1 hour. Be productive and efficient. Team BlackBerry o/

  • Keep up the positive atmosphere and growing the community of fans! There’s a lot to be excited about in BlackBerry World.

  • Sipo Kapumba

    Way to go! Good job.