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American phone carriers are withholding the updates from BlackBerry customers. There is blatant disregard for customer service. They obviously think very little of us, apparently not realizing that we see the rest of the world getting update after update while we do not. We go in to their stores, and are told BlackBerry has this issue or that issue, and we should buy an iPhone instead. Meanwhile, they will never tell us all the numerous issues that iPhone is having, and they will not provide us with the updates which would fix these issues. It does not take a wise person to realize there is more going on behind the scenes than what they are letting on. Are they in some sort of partnership with the forbidden fruit, to shove this app launcher dressed as a smartphone to the top of the heap? Are they purposely dissuading people from buying BlackBerry and then not supporting those who do in order to watch a Canadian company go under?

Whatever the reason is for their attack on BlackBerry and their customers who choose BlackBerry, the result is the same. A once great company, with a truly great company is in trouble. And those of us that choose BlackBerry, are not being provided the service by our carriers which we pay for. We are the customer, we pay their wages, for a modicum of service, and it is quite obvious, services are not being rendered.

Just a little while ago LillyFox and I were contacted on Twitter by Robert Hanlon, asking us to get involved in trying to get the carriers to give us our updates. Lilly and I, being part of the ichooseBlackBerry10 group, are used to jumping in to twitter campaigns to publicize and promote BlackBerry. This was something that we both agreed would be a great thing to start, and with the superior grammatical skills of Biggly, #BlackBerryUnleashed was born. We are reaching out to other community members, asking them to get involved, in asking the carriers what they are doing holding back our updates. This is no longer a case of us just wanting to know when they’re coming. It is now totally obvious that their “testing” is a stall tactic, and that they are purposely not giving us update after update. We have had some success getting other community members involved, many of our BlackBerry brothers and sisters from outside the US, who have their updates, have added their voices to ours. Even though they get their updates, from carriers that are actually supporting their customers, they can see what damage American carriers are doing to the BlackBerry brand and are choosing to fight alongside us. Please join us on social media, and take it straight to your carrier, and ask¬†demand they provide the service that we are paying them to provide, and to give us our updates!

Join in the Thunderclap!
Join in the Thunderclap!

Now, there is another weapon in our arsenal, community member Danny C. has created a Thunderclap event, so that all voices can be heard at once. And he needs more support! TeamBlackBerry needs more support. So, if you are like many of us, throwing our voice in on twitter throughout the day, join TeamBlackBerry and be heard all at once. And if you are just a casual observer in social media, and a fan of BlackBerry and hopeful for the future of this great brand, please add your voice in.

You can find the Thunderclap information and sign up here

Special thanks to Danny C. for creating this.

Thank you to Robert Hanlon for contacting Lilly and I and getting us involved in a great cause.

Thank you BerryFlow for a great article on the cause.

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