John Legere’s Twitter affair with BlackBerry Users

This has been an interesting time with our magenta wearing CEO of T-Mobile. I have been involved in and witness to a few twitter exchanges over the last month or so and I thought it might be interesting to share with you.

It all starts back with an article at, (find it here) stating that T-Mobile was not longer carrying BB10. Later T-Mobile replied to N4BB telling them that they were in fact carrying them, however as I and several others found out on Twitter, T-Mobile was telling us that they had none in stock. I was actually told by by @TMobileHelp that I could just bring my current device with me. Not exactly the answer I was looking for.

Recently, I saw an opportunity to ask the magenta man himself on twitter,


What I expected to happen, happened… no response from the CEO himself, but a response from a T-Mobile twitter handle. Funny thing about the response, the web address they gave was to their media page. Something tells me they were to suddenly decide to carry the Z30, that page wouldn’t be where I would go to find this information.

And then, something unexpected happened!



Well, the man that said he will answer anything, didn’t answer. Not surprisingly, several people were now involved, some of our friends we know from UTB, and a few other know BlackBerry Fans, finally, we received an answer from Mr. Legere!


I’ve got to admit, I didn’t know what this meant. Was he waiting on an e-mail from someone telling him if they were going to get the Z30? Was he wanting our e-mail? Did he expect Batman to e-mail him a secret coded message of how to get out of a tricky situation? I still don’t know. Just to be on the safe side, I did send him my e-mail address, but I never heard back from him. There were a few days there that a few of us were still messaging him trying to get a response, but no, he was gone, no replies from him.

And then, we got an answer from T-Mobile in the form of an e-mail sent to T-Mobile customers.


I think that’s a pretty clear answer that T-Mobile has decided to not support BlackBerry users. It’s also a very clear message that T-Mobile does not understand the tools that BlackBerry is bringing to the table. Get the tools to do more? With an iPhone? Really T-Mobile? Anybody that has held an iPhone along with any other modern smartphone on the market, would laugh at an iPhone having the “tools to do more”

This enraged several of our friends on twitter. Our own friend and contributor LillyFox  called out on Twitter for a T-Mobile boycott… a tweet which John Legere favorited. T-Mobile supporting BlackBerry? No reason to ask that question any longer.


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