John Legere Loves BlackBerry! And…



This is a surprise!

It looks like a certain CEO has a naughty secret, one which none of us ever expected.

He loves his BlackBerry.

A leaked ‘selfie’ photo clearly shows someone who looks a lot like our John sticking it ‘large’ to the rest of the mobile platforms on his white Z10, digits prominent.

Naughty boy.

Naughty John!
Naughty John!

And… wait.. what’s that logo on the back of the phone?


Good lad!

So, if you’re a T-Mobile US customer wondering when on earth this network is going to see the light fear not.

John knows the score.

And we’re sure your pain at being denied the choice of buying the best smartphones on the planet from T-Mob US is only temporary.

After all, we’re John Legere’s dirty little secret…

DISCLAIMER: Our lawyers have told us to point out that there is no way John Legere of T-Mobile would ever endorse UTB and that this is probably a really poorly put together mockup of a photo he once had done in front of a lift somewhere. They have also pointed out that he has tons of money and we have none at all.

WE pointed out to them that John is the sort of rum cove who would find this sort of thing rather amusing  and that it’s probably not him anyway but the lead singer of KISS, oh, what’s his name…. oh yes, Gene Simmons or someone like that…

THEY pointed out that we know full well it’s him and that someone thought it would be funny to stick a UTB logo on the back of his phone.

And they are right.


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