John Legere… Another Desperate Attempt for Attention?

Once again our Magenta Maniac is looking for another 15 minutes of fame, but this time his desperation has reached a new low, a petition!

Not any old petition, he’s resorted to in an attempt to show he’s different from the other Carriers…

Just remember kids – he’s pulling for the little guy, he’s one of us, and is sick of the way us poor consumers are being treated!



Must be off his meds (again) because all one has to do is rewind 2 months when he ran an ad campaign telling TMO customers they could get more work done by ‘upgrading their BlackBerry to an iPhone’.

Well needless to say the backlash was tremendous, more than Mr Bipolar expected. So in an about face he offered incentives to BlackBerry owners, but it was too little too late, Mr. Chen was fed up and gave the uncarrier the boot, but I digress.

It gets even more fun – has this guy more faces than the town hall clock?

Or is he becoming mildly disturbed?

You decide!

Check out his latest rantings here-  Change Petition


Nearly ran a poll there…


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