John Chen’s take on the T-Mobile UnBreak-Up


Writing for CNBC today, John Chen offered his take on what could be the hottest BlackBerry news this week – in case you haven’t heard (and you can read more here), BlackBerry and T-Mobile are teaming up again, with the magenta mobile network set to offer the BlackBerry Classic both online (from May 13th) and in their stores (from May 15th).

In places, Mr. Chen’s tone is quite humorous – he begins by admitting we won’t see him “wearing a magenta t-shirt or T-Mobile CEO John Legere wearing a black one any time soon” – but at the same time he makes it clear that the move is a good one for the shareholders and customers, adding that the decision that both companies go their separate ways 15 months ago was also for the best, saying “if being at the helm of BlackBerry has taught me anything, it’s that a lot can change in a year.”

Chen goes on to say that BlackBerry is again strengthening ties with a number of major partners worldwide, mentioning such names as the USA’s AT&T and Verizon; Bell, Telus and Rogers in Canada; and Vodafone, Orange and O2 in Europe, and pointing out that this has been achieved by offering ‘highly differentiated products’ (and also more recently, services) to specific customers – power professionals who rely on their smartphones to get things done wherever they are.

These power professionals aren’t satisfied with “iffy security” – they demand a business tool that is secure and reliable, and nothing on the market rivals a BlackBerry for that.

BlackBerry and its partners have the same goal in mind, Mr. Chen says, which is serving customers better with unique products and services. For BlackBerry, close partnerships allow for more creative programs and services; For its partners, BlackBerry’s famous security and reliability helps them deepen valuable relationships with the power professionals who use their networks.

Mr. Chen admits that BlackBerry and its partners may not always see eye-to-eye; however he says that they all share an unwavering agreement that customers both need and deserve the best and most differentiated products and services possible.

He closes by saying:

So, let’s not forget what they say: the bigger the break-up, the better the make-up. And about that magenta shirt – who knows? I need John Legere to ship one to me first.

Who knows, with a little luck we may also see BlackBerry’s Passport and Leap devices make their way to the magenta network’s webpages and store shelves in the coming months!!

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