John Chen See’s a Handset Comeback

John Chen is happy to let partners make BlackBerry handsets a success.

John Chen recently spoke to Financial Times. During this conversation, Chen spoke about a few topics that would be of interest to BlackBerry fans.

Chen spoke of the turnaround. It’s complete. BlackBerry is no longer in a turnaround, it’s now in it’s growth stage.

Chen spoke of BlackBerry’s software pivot. Guess what? It’s been a success.

Chen spoke of the Enterprise of Things (EoT), which really encompasses everything BlackBerry is currently doing. A segment which BlackBerry is creating, the EoT’s purpose is to secure the IoT. Really, to secure the future which will be arriving sooner than later.

Chen spoke of the current smartphone market. When speaking of those non-BlackBerry phones, he spoke of the commoditization of the phones, and how current phones are boring. I agree.

And Chen also spoke of something which I know our readers are most interested in. BlackBerry phones. John Chen sounds like he is happy to be out of the smartphone hardware business. I can’t blame him. While BlackBerry phones have been some of the most innovative and forward looking devices on the market, it has been a long time since BlackBerry has seen a success. We all know all too well that it was the smartphone business which built BlackBerry into a household name, and almost put BlackBerry out of business. And yet Chen found a way to save the company, by pivoting the focus to software instead of hardware, while still ensuring a future for the BlackBerry smartphone by partnering with manufacturers to take care of that business. And John Chen expects good things for those devices.

“A couple of years from now, more people will be buying BlackBerry phones than today. My prediction, and I could be wrong, is we will have a comeback in handsets.” he said.

I agree Mr. Chen. I wholeheartedly agree.

Head to Financial Times to read the whole article.

John Chen
John Chen


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  • FS

    And there is a need for a comeback with BlackBerry 10, or better BlackBerry 11. BlackBerry needs a 100% BlackBerry smartphone OS! That’s most secure, and we love it!

    • Alan

      Unfortunately, although I use BlackBerry BB10 as my main driver, I don’t expect new ones. Certainly not from BlackBerry. Maybe one of their Licensees will pick it up? Big question when they were not selling, I mean enough to make a profit. Not even enough to brake even. As for Chen expectation of selling more phones (through software) the bar created from the sales of BB10 is ultra low, so I would agree. More sales in the phone department than from the BB10 Era is highly plausible. Realistically those of us loving out BB10 will just have to move on eventually to BlackDroid. Of course there are those who will move on to something else. As for me, BlackDroid it will be eventually, but I do not look forward to that day. BB10 is special.

  • anthogag

    For consumers the security schtick is really boring. BlackBerry devices need to standout and exude excitement.

    E.g. Too many ‘security’ articles on this website is really boring.

    • But you get all butt hurt when I talk about how exciting the new phones are.

      • anthogag

        Bixby makes your butt hurt.

  • anthogag

    To me BlackBerry looks like a company that was stabilized for eventual sale to a larger fish.

    I don’t see anything in BlackBerry that’s designed to make it a long-term independent entity.

    Their perceived focus on “security” is becoming the only news about BlackBerry and it’s really boring.