John Chen Says It’s Time To Move Past Legacy Handsets


As we’ve seen and heard in the past 2 years, many tech pundits are reminding us that legacy BBOS devices have or had sold in high numbers compared to BlackBerry 10 handsets.


Let’s be fair and honest. BBOS (BBOS 7 and earlier) are what got us BlackBerry lovers to where we are today. We loved all the features that the legacy platform gave us, and we anticipate BB10 will end up fulfilling the remaining missing few.

Well, in an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang today, John Chen made a few statements. The one I’m picking on is revealed at approximately 2:15 in the video. When asked about hardware sales, CEO Chen states that ” It was the quarter that was important to us, to clear our old inventory out.”

In addition he says “Year over year 93% of our inventory was cleared out and sold through.”

And the killer statement?

“I can’t even produce the old phones anymore, so let’s clear the way to get to the new phones!”

There it is people, plain as day isn’t it? It’s full steam ahead for the QNX based multitasking powerhouse that is BlackBerry 10. No longer is there any question regarding direction or posture. John Chen is all business, and with the positive ER along with a single day bounce back in stock price today I think the media and investors are coming around.

Watch the full interview here.

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