John Chen Says It’s Time To Move Past Legacy Handsets


As we’ve seen and heard in the past 2 years, many tech pundits are reminding us that legacy BBOS devices have or had sold in high numbers compared to BlackBerry 10 handsets.


Let’s be fair and honest. BBOS (BBOS 7 and earlier) are what got us BlackBerry lovers to where we are today. We loved all the features that the legacy platform gave us, and we anticipate BB10 will end up fulfilling the remaining missing few.

Well, in an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang today, John Chen made a few statements. The one I’m picking on is revealed at approximately 2:15 in the video. When asked about hardware sales, CEO Chen states that ” It was the quarter that was important to us, to clear our old inventory out.”

In addition he says “Year over year 93% of our inventory was cleared out and sold through.”

And the killer statement?

“I can’t even produce the old phones anymore, so let’s clear the way to get to the new phones!”

There it is people, plain as day isn’t it? It’s full steam ahead for the QNX based multitasking powerhouse that is BlackBerry 10. No longer is there any question regarding direction or posture. John Chen is all business, and with the positive ER along with a single day bounce back in stock price today I think the media and investors are coming around.

Watch the full interview here.

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  • nnik

    You either move forward….or move backward and die. I prefer the forward direction. The people who are stuck on bbos are just afraid of change at this point. The really is no other reason. Hell, even BJ is using a BB10 device.

    • Blackjack

      Being afraid of change and liking toolbelts are two entirely different things. Once Classic is out I doubt we will be seeing any 9900’s in the wild. The afraid of change thing is a myth.

  • BB Racer !!

    John Chen also commented on the Apple / IBM enterprise App launch.
    He called it as a basic Work flow of Apps. Its basically for their install IBM base. Where BlackBerry provides more cross platform , broader and deeper enterprise work flow and more eg., SAP etc…and Cross platform $


    There will always be Luddites in the crowd. Some people refused to have TVs in their houses for years. The same people refused to change to colour TVs. There were people who refused to have computers invade their homes. It was always because they were frightened by the new technology and comfortable with the old.

    It is the same thing here.

    BlackBerry cannot be expected to dedicate a portion of it’s limited treasure to an operating system that is obsolete. So now is the time for those people, who are anchored to a technology of a past generation, to shed that burden and move on into the broad, sun filled, uplands of BB10.

    Other wise it will just have to be ‘BB-ye!’

  • ital1

    I wonder if he was also speaking about the inventory of unsold BB10 phones, especially the ones part of the billion dollar write down under Heins.

    • bartron

      I’m sure he was.

  • Anthony

    Is this “software product” he mentioned a TAT-alizing major BB10 upgrade coming after 10.3.1?

    More sophisticated map, camera, picture, and video editing features would attract more non-BB consumers. 50 mega-pixel camera, 4 speakers, 2 SD card slots, etc.

    It would also be cool if the BB10 UI altered a bit to look more like a “desktop” view when plugged into a larger screen, keyboard, and mouse. Device apps on the side, background wall-paper, and some user files and folders on the “desktop”. locco_smiley_21

  • bartron

    IMO, the most important statement he made was at 8:25 when he said “we made money in the hardware [division] in the last couple of quarters”. Compare that to the many Android makers who are losing money. But that requires thinking which the BlackBerry haters don’t like doing.

  • Emily Chang is smokin’ hot! And you know what? That was the best job done of interviewing Chen that I’ve seen in a long time. He didn’t have to say “I’ve said this a hundred times before,” and he wasn’t asked the same inane questions.

    He is FOR REAL. I am excited that he thinks BBRY could “be iconic” again.