John Chen!! Over Here!!


Yes, I went there, Blackberry is NOT dead yet… In fact, it feels quite happy.

Hopefully that grabbed some attention, Blackberry HAS been listening to its users lately as it seems.
Now, to the nitty gritty. Several times over the last few days even, something has become so much more apparent in regards to our beloved Blackberry. Something that we all have known, but little has been done or said… Advertising!! Four, yes FOUR times in as many days, a Z30 has been sitting out on the table and the same question has been said. “Is that the new iPhone?” Then the ever prevalent explanations of how Blackberry is NOT dead, yes this device IS a Blackberry and the showing off of its abilities occur. Why is it that people automatically assume that a touch screen device is an iPhone?? ADVERTISING! Why is it lacking so much in the U.S.A.? Why is this yet to be addressed? Chen, you have taken on the underdog in the mobile community, lets see what you can do. Hell, even George Foreman came back and won another championship after being knocked down, time to regain placement in the handheld world. It is time to capitalize on the stumbling of Apple and Android with all of the security flaws finally being shown in daylight.

Now is the time to show that Blackberry users are not just snobby high end exec’s with nothing but money who need to see their emails. It is time for us to come out from under the bridge and make our presence known. Your average user now is your everyday smartphone user, well, most are a bit more tech savvy and understand why they #IChooseBlackberry10 in today’s age of smartphones. The amount people do on a daily basis with their handhelds is unfathomable to even the thoughts of 5 years ago. The issue of personal information safety is now a must due to this. Money transactions, email logs, even secure web browsing for corporate sites. It has all been flipped around on the tech world.

Granted the outlook has not been great without any real positive advertising, well much at all, but look at what us Blackberry followers have been doing in the past year. Blackberry as a company still has capitol, it has not been taking the huge loss in moneys as expected. It is an “underground following” to say almost. Imagine if you can publish to the general public in a setting to show that Blackberry is not dead yet, it just needed a little rest to build up some energy for the next charge ahead. Maybe with the recent pairing with Foxconn will help with that. Be able to spend less on the building and move around the budgets to help bring our beloved devices into the limelight a bit more. There have already been some drastic changes, and many are standing behind Chen. How about instead of just standing behind, lets all push John Chen a little bit forward. Strength is in numbers, lets show ours. Do not hide your beautiful BB10 device, show it proudly! When someone asks if it is the new iPhone, go through what it can do, show its fluid OS, its streaming capabilities, its video share… Then let them read the big silver letters across the bottom BLACKBERRY.

In no way saying to rub it in another platforms face here, just to show Blackberry is still here and here to stay. To become arrogant and flaunting is not an image wanted. Remember, out from under our bridge and show we are not the arrogant and snobby users of past. We are just the same as other users on other platforms. We just have not had blinders on these last few years. Blackberry needs to promote THIS platform in the light it deserves. QNX, the closing of the “app gap” with the new functionality of APK internal converting, security, etc. Now is the time to put the hammer down and go full steam. You have millions of users behind you, millions more looking to stray from other platforms at this moment also. The time is now Mr. Chen, we are awaiting the return of our beloved icon.

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