John Chen on the attack!

I think it’s time to use the word substitution on my BlackBerry phones to replace the name “John Chen” with “wow!”

It was only a short time ago that we BlackBerry fans found ourselves in battle with the Magenta Madman John Legere. If you recall, T-Mobile sent an email out to T-Mobile BlackBerry users trying to get them to switch to an iPhone, calling the app launcher a ‘tool’ and thereby showing Team BlackBerry what a tool Legere was. Many of us went on the warpath, fighting with Legere on twitter, (story here)calling T-Mobile and complaining, and generally giving John Legere a few bad days. Legere responded with his typical childish antics via twitter, and came out with a ‘deal‘ for BlackBerry users. It was obviously a sour deal, one made to get even more people out of BlackBerry devices, however, let us not forget that Kevin and Bla1ze over at said that this should be called the CrackBerry deal (source)… and I’m ok with that. Because in the end, Legere was able to claim victory over BlackBerry.


Our favorite CEO John Chen responded very respectfully and professionally to the unkempt CEO via a blog post. Once again John Chen showed a level of class that John Legere can never hope to achieve. But John wasn’t done yet! Yesterday we received news that BlackBerry would not be renewing their contract with T-Mobile. Now, this isn’t a response done by a company in trouble. A company in trouble, in my opinion, would be the ones begging for any shelf space available. To me, this is the response of a company that knows tides are turning, that there is something on the horizon, and it’s time to clean up the garbage before moving on. And T-Mobile will not be a part of any future successes of BlackBerry. Sorry Legere.

Today, T-Mobile users received an e-mail from BlackBerry, informing customers that they have not been forgotten by BlackBerry. That they will offer a special deal for any T-Mobile users wishing to remain on T-Mobile to buy devices direct from BlackBerry (harkening back to what Chen said in his blog post about something coming for users). The e-mail also points out that they are working with other carriers in case users wish to switch. So now, I am waiting to see what kinds of offers will be coming from the other carriers. John Legere made a purposeful attack on BlackBerry, and it has backfired.

There is a lyric from an old U2 song, “Instant karma’s gonna get you, if I don’t get you first”. John Legere? Meet John Chen. This is a man that means business.


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