John Chen On BlackBerry Handsets ‘Things Are Starting To Work…’


John Chen stood tall today at CES2016 and made it clear that, despite what panic mongers and doom sayers try to tell you, there is definitely a future for BlackBerry phones.

Despite the fact that the Priv has only been out there for 2 minutes and despite the fact that it was launched in only a handful of countries and DESPITE the fact that in those countries it was pretty much limited to one exclusive carrier…. John had this to say, according to UK Business Insider:

“I personally believe we can actually make money on devices, and I think we’re close,” Chen says.

Indeed, while Chen says the company is still making it a goal to sell 5 million devices a year, his focus is on making money in that business.

“There’s a reasonable shot of getting to 5 million units,” Chen says.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the one about 10 million… 5 million… whatever. Well how about this?

“Things are starting to work,” Chen says. “We are generating cash.”

Yep. That’ll do it.

That’s all we want to hear. So, while it’s true we are all frustrated at the lack of Priv availability outside of Canada with other carriers this IS being expanded with Verizon and Vodafone UK now on board and more European carriers announcing they will be taking the Priv too. Have patience my friends, it’s baby steps back to where we need to be, all we would say is hang on in there, JC knows exactly how you feel too as he summed up.

“We wish we could do it faster, obviously. I wish we could do it faster,” Chen says.

Hey, guess what?

BlackBerry, as always, isn’t dead.

Well fancy that!


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  • BB Racer !!

    All cylindres are firing next will be Revenue and earnings, then the brown short squeeze !

  • Bobert_123

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting my Priv next month. I’m super exited, but at the same time I’m going to replenish miss bb10. Hopefully it goes well

  • It’s reassuring to hear the same message from Chen over and over. He hasn’t changed his tune once since he took the helm, as far as I can tell. These turnarounds take time. Seems we’re right on track.