John Chen – ‘I Hope To Sell Over 1 Million BlackBerry Z3’s In Indonesia’

These Queues Tell A Tale…

Ok BlackBerrians, it might be time to get a little bit excited.

Right now the only people who REALLY know how well the Z3 is selling in Indonesia are Foxconn and BlackBerry themselves. The local carriers have a good idea and we’ve been picking up good vibes on the outside from the length of the queues we’ve been seeing and the price hikes independent retailers are managing to justify of up to 40% – you don’t get those sales on a product nobody wants.

So, when our leader extraordinaire, BlackBerry’s head honcho John Chen, gives us a hint, it’s time to listen. You see, John is not a man to make wild claims. He won’t say anything he can’t back up in fact.

In other words when he says it, you can be pretty sure it’s going to happen.

And this is what he’s said TODAY, in The Jakarta Post:

‘It is my recognition and my statement that customers are important to us and that Jakarta has a lot of customers, Indonesia has a lot of customers. We want to make sure that they know after the last two years we have been busy fixing our problems and when we come out, we are coming out here first.

I hope that Jakartans have something that feels like pride. This is the first step of everything, it will be interesting.

I hope to sell the Z3 a lot, like a million units or something.’

Now, let me put this into perspective for you.

Samsung, it is widely reported, have sold ‘just’ 21 million SG5 devices in the first quarter of release – WORLDWIDE.

If BlackBerry get anywhere near 1 million Z3 sales in just ONE COUNTRY it will be hugely significant. Add to that Malaysia? How about INDIA?

But John isn’t finished. He doesn’t just want sales numbers from new smartphone buyers (of which there is a huge untapped market), he wants market share:

‘But I am actually more focused on market share. I want to increase our market share. Whatever that account is, very honestly, I have never focused on accounts and you know I always tell people the way I determine whether it will be successful is how well obviously the market receives an under $200 [phone] with our software, with our brand on it, the quality that we have and security that we have.

And secondly, does that get us to win market share from this point? We have been losing market share in the last two years, and I would like to turn that corner. If I can turn that corner, then I can say that is successful.’

And he wouldn’t be saying THAT either, if he didn’t think he could get it.

Lastly, the interviewer asked about future products:

‘If we will do another thing, we will probably go to phablet. I think if you look at our strategy and if you look at where the market goes, there is definitely a good market for something between a phone and tablet.

I think the phablet could be early, the tablet is already late. That is not a bad thing, because you can bring new technology. But, if I have the opportunity I will go to phablet. […] we will build what the market wants.’

So good news for those who’ve been wondering on that front too.

I think, from these bullish statements, we can see that the strategy is working. Remember, John Chen said ‘BlackBerry will become cool again when people start to buy BlackBerry’s again.’

Well, in Indonesia at least, BlackBerry is definitely cool again.

And with iOS and Android in disarray the timing could not be more perfect.

How long before the rest of the world catches up?

Bring it on!

Source: The Jakarta Post


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  • Reverend Grim

    Great news for BlackBerry, 1M handsets in one country……… suck on that Crapple and assdroid!
    I’m praying that the Z3 gets worldwide release, I’m sure it will get a great reception here in the UK!

  • newcollector

    Watch out Apple and Android, your Waterloo is coming!!

  • WooHoo! Awesome news Biggs and well put. Anyone with any sense takes Chen and what he says, seriously; you can’t ignore him. This is outstanding.

  • ray689

    This is very interesting. John Chen is not the type of guy to say something like this before an earnings report if sales weren’t going well. I have a feeling he is dropping a hint for us.

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      My thoughts exactly Ray689…

  • Omnitech

    Stock is popping, some investors definitely caught wind of this..

    Strange why he would do that prior to the earnings report tho, wouldn’t it be better to wait and surprise them then?

    • Omni- maybe he get’s more yardage out of it this way?

    • Gnomesane

      Maybe it’s to counter the FUD brigades who threw out some articles about the Z3 not doing very well in Indonesia?

      • Omnitech

        That could be. I just hope it doesn’t inflate the stock to the point where if they have some mildly positive news on 6/19, it ends up deflating again then.

        Awfully depressing to see how often the stock takes a dump after positive news comes out. This bugs me to no end.

        • Gnomesane

          Heh. I just assume the stock will drop anymore. It’s like gas prices: just seems to fluctuate with neither rhyme nor reason. *shrugs*… Chen just has to keep his focus and ignore the media noise, imho. I love this quote from him in the original article:

          “When the world talks about negative things, let us talk about positive things.”

          • Omnitech

            Yeah, that line stuck in my mind too. :)

  • web99

    CEO John Chen’s statement gives me a really good feeling about BlackBerry’s future prospects under his leadership. Lets hope for some really good BlackBerry Z3 sale numbers during the ER in 2 weeks.

  • G-bone

    Thanks for this. Brightened up my Monday.
    Don’t worry about the stock price falling after earnings : the market tends to follow the axiom, “buy on rumour, sell on news, ” , so, it’s no big deal.

  • SipoKapumba

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that BlackBerry sells 1 million Z3s in Indonesia. If that happens, all the media that are obsessed with reporting negatively about BlackBerry will have to swallow their pride and admit that they were exhibiting “pack” reporting behaviour or just BlackBerry bashing. Why can’t they understand that BlackBerry 10 is a fantastic OS? Which other OS can run Android apps? OS 10 has closed the app gap, so, that excuse for BlackBerry not selling is neither here nor there. Take me, for example, I have just downloaded and installed the latest Yahoo Mail app for Android on my Z10, and it is working well. Yahoo just developed it for iOS and Android, but we’re getting some of that action too. BlackBerry should market the fact that OS 10 is Android compatible and strike a deal with Google Play so that we can buy apps from there in addition to BlackBerry World.

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      We here you Sipo, but I’m afraid they won’t stop. They’re scared, you see. This is what happens with a half decent marketing campaign behind an amazing product.

      Don’t worry though, UTB will always be here with the TRUTH!

    • Omnitech

      Personally I think the company needs to be very careful about crowing about Android compatibility. Because the compatibility and the performance is not good enough to act like it’s just like any other Android device. If people buy it on that premise they will be very disappointed and that will be very counter-productive for BlackBerry.

      It’s a big deal in a market like Indonesia because they are competing with a lot of cheapo generic Android devices and those have really eaten into their marketshare there. But it could backfire in their face in a more developed market that buys more high-end devices, and customers discover that various apps won’t run or are not available on BB10 via the Android runtime.

      And I don’t see the solution to that as “add the various Google frameworks”. I do NOT want that crap on my BlackBerry, if I wanted that snoopy garbage on my smartphone I’d have an Android already. And Google’s requirements to provide access to those things are too high for a company like BlackBerry anyway. Eg if they had to put Android logos on the bootscreen and on the device itself, they may as well just throw in the towel, sell themselves to Samsung and turn into another generic Android box shifter.

  • bungaboy

    Music to my ears!!!

    Atta Go John Chen.