John Chen does not mess around! BlackBerry kicks T-Mobile to the curb.

"Phone manufacturers don't want to work with me. That's how uncarrier I am!"
“Phone manufacturers don’t want to work with me. That’s how uncarrier I am!”

In yet another case of BlackBerry standing it’s ground under the leadership of John Chen, BlackBerry today announced that they would be discontinuing their partnership with T-Mobile. The agreement with T-Mobile to sell BlackBerry expires on April 25th, and BlackBerry has decided that T-Mobile simply doesn’t fit their strategy going forwards.

From BlackBerry’s Press Release

“BlackBerry has had a positive relationship with T-Mobile for many years.  Regretfully, at this time, our strategies are not complementary and we must act in the best interest of our BlackBerry customers.  We hope to work with T-Mobile again in the future when our business strategies are aligned,” said BlackBerry CEO and Executive Chair, John Chen.  “We are deeply grateful to our loyal BlackBerry customers and will do everything in our power to provide continued support with your existing carrier or ensure a smooth transition to our other carrier partners.

The press release goes on to say that BlackBerry users should see no change in service with T-Mobile, which honestly, from what I’ve seen with T-Mobile, there’s been very little service provided anyway. They also state that they are working with other carriers to provide customers with alternatives.

Now, I have no idea what has gone on at BlackBerry to necessitate this change, but we here at UTB blogs definitely felt the Magenta Madman’s lack of respect for BlackBerry and BlackBerry users on twitter not too long ago. And I could see our man John Chen not taking kindly to this. Let’s hope that unkempt CEO over at T-Mobile feels the pain of this going forward. I see strong things in BlackBerry’s future, and T-Mobile shall not be a part of it.

In the meantime, to the T-Mobile BlackBerry users out there, let’s start looking at the alternatives. Let’s hope that either AT&T or Verizon step up and make offers that makes it worth BlackBerry users time to make that switch.


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