John Chen disagrees with President Trumps stance on immigration

John Chen has spoken out about the stance that President Trump has taken with the current immigration ban.

This Mr. Chen’s hope to the situation.

We hope that this new administration will find better ways to handle such matters in the future. I encourage everyone to continue to seek out and build diverse teams like we do at BlackBerry. Companies and the countries we live in will be better for this.

This is take from his blog post here.

You can hear Mr. Chen discuss the situation here.

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Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.

  • The_Alpha_Geek

    I agree with Chen on this matter, and unless you’re one of the indigenous people of this land, you are an immigrant as well.

  • Steve

    This is a hot topic and the BBM channels reflect that. When the President dictates matters of policy which only affect the American people, it’s fair an reasonable to expect non US Citizens to stay out of the debate. When policy is dictated which effects the global market, then it’s fair and reasonable to expect the global leaders (political and business) to make comment. Especially when that policy effects your own citizenry or business. This decision is likely to effect the business management of BlackBerry as the company operates in those countries on the banned list.
    One of my major concerns when Trump was elected on the platforms he was elected on is what this means for BlackBerry. Most people would say that because it’s a Canadian company that it shouldn’t matter what a foreign President does. However, BlackBerry operates in the US, but it’s not a US company. I would think that Trump’s policies regarding job creation and manufacturing would benefit the likes of Apple and disadvantage the business practices of BlackBerry. For BlackBerry fans, these next four years are going to be tough. Especially if you support Trump.
    I’m not saying who you should support, but just beware that BlackBerry may say some things about the current administration that they have a legitimate claim to make comment on, which you won’t like.

  • Alan

    Trump is behaving like a toodler with power. Seems strange that a country like the United States would have him as a president. One would think this planet is much too small for this kind of behaviour.