Jide Reaches the End of the (Consumer) Road

Jide brought a fresh approach to Android. And for consumers, it’s over.

Many have attempted to make Android into a desktop like experience. Many haven’t really done that good of a job. One company seemed to have a fresh take, that I really enjoyed. That company was Jide, with their Remix OS.

Jide burst onto the scene and onto Kickstarter with their Remix Ultratablet, and later their Remix Mini. The Remix OS brought multi-window support to Android that made Samsung’s and Google’s split screen look, well, silly. I myself own a Remix Mini, and while the hardware was surely underpowered, we that purchased it got what we paid for. And what we got really was a decent desktop experience, out of Android, that was enjoyable to use.

Jide recently brought another product to Kickstarter with the Remix IO and Remix IO+ along with plans for a very interesting looking Remix PC. But these will never come to fruition.

Jide has announced that they are now leaving the consumer space. Development of all future products will be halted. Anyone that has backed the latest Kickstarter project, or those that have purchased a product that they have not received, will be issued a refund beginning August 15th.

So what happens with Jide? They’re going to go after the enterprise market. In their words, “Over the past year, we received an increasing number of inquiries from enterprises in various industries, and began helping them build great tools for their organizations by leveraging Jide software and hardware. We see huge potential in the role that Jide can play to revolutionize how these businesses operate. And given our existing resources, we decided to focus our company efforts solely on the enterprise space moving forward.”

I’ve got to admit, I’m kind of sad to see Jide exit the consumer market. It was a truly fresh take on Android, and I had high hopes for what they would be able to do going forward. In all honesty, it seemed to be a much better experience than what can be obtained from a Chromebook.

I wonder if there would be any chance of BlackBerry picking up the Remix OS UI for a phone-dock workstation solution like Samsung’s Dex or Microsofts probably defunct Continuum?

Jide Remix OS




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