Jessica Jones Returns to Netflix

The Marvel follow-up to Daredevil returns to Netflix.

When Netflix and Marvel chose to follow the successful Daredevil series, they were taking a bit of a chance. After all, Jessica Jones is not the most well known of characters. Making the series even darker and grittier than Daredevil was also an odd choice.

The series struck me as rather slow moving. At least at first. It took a bit of an effort to get into it. But there were some strong points to the series as well. The introduction of Luke Cage who’s own series came next. And the Purple Man played by David Tennant.

When last we saw Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) she was part of the Defenders. Now she will be returning in Season 2 of her self titled series.

While the tease of a possible Hellcat reveal might have been enough to get me to tune in, the last scene of the trailer sealed the deal. Could it be? Will the Purple Man be returning? Here’s hoping that if we see the (former) good doctor David Tennant return, it won’t be in the form of a bad dream. No one likes a bad dream. Not even in our entertainment.


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