Jesse Pinkman’s El Camino

The Breaking Bad movie delivers it’s first teaser.

Who doesn’t need some more Breaking Bad? The intense drama series followed high school teacher turned master meth cook Walter White’s descent into a demented criminal. The series ended with his death. But there was still more to the story that needed to be told.

While Walter White was the center of the series, his partner in crime Jesse Pinkman shared the spotlight. While White saw a finale, we were left to wonder Pinkman’s fate.

Netflix is bringing El Camino, A Breaking Bad Movie to it’s streaming service this fall. The movie, which is being written and directed by original series creator Vince Gilligan, and Aaron Paul returns to the role of Jesse Pinkman. Many fans of Breaking Bad discovered the AMC series through Netflix. In an odd twist of fate, this movie will be released first on Netflix, and arrive later on AMC.

The first teaser trailer has now been released, but anyone hoping for more than a tease, are surely dissapointed. In it, we get an intense monologue from Skinny Pete. The official synopsis from Netflix states, “In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.” 


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