JerryRigEverything Takes on the BlackBerry Motion

It’s time for a JerryRigEverything durability test.

Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything finally takes on the BlackBerry Motion. As a BlackBerry fan, I’ve got to admit I was a bit nervous. After all, the original BlackBerry KEYone didn’t fare all that well on it’s first trip though the channel’s testing when the screen fell off. Of course, BlackBerry Mobile didn’t just ignore the issue. Instead, they fixed the problem, and fared very well on it’s second test.

How does the BlackBerry Motion fare? Well, you’ll want to watch the video below. But it’s safe to say there was nothing to be nervous about. There was also a few pleasant surprises.

These durability tests performed by JerryRigEverything are just that. Durability tests. He is destroying the hardware, and seeing how it holds up. What’s nice about this video is that in the midst of doing just that, destroying the hardware (and yes, it does hurt to watch that) he takes a few moments to note a few aspects of the BlackBerry software.

Both the convenience key, and the BlackBerry Privacy Shade take a momentary starring role in the video. “It’s almost as if BlackBerry heard the complaints about Samsung’s Bixby, and then fixed the problem” he states in one part of the video, and “the button Bixby wishes it was” in another part. When speaking of the headphone jack, we get “It’s almost as if someone at BlackBerry was like, listening to customers or something when they made this phone.”

Yes, I agree. The BlackBerry Motion does tick off a lot of those items which BlackBerry fans have been asking for, and stays away from many of those items which users of other brands complain about.

Watch the test below, how do you think the Motion did?


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