JerryRigEverything Takes on the BlackBerry KEYone

No one wants to see a sought after phone broken.

The BlackBerry KEYone is a very sought after phone. The supply just hasn’t reached the level of demand yet, and there are many people still waiting to get their hands on the new BlackBerry Mobile phone. It just makes it all that much more painful to see one destroyed.

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has done just that. JerryRigEverything makes a habit of destroying mobile phones. Let me start out by saying I really like the JerryRigEverything phone videos. We’ve reported on several of the videos right here on UTB. The method of destruction, is far from scientific, and yet it is consistent between the various phones. We’ve seen some horrible results from some makers, with several of the phones folding in half! We’ve also seen some great results from a few BlackBerry phones. Let’s be honest, the KEYone results would not fall into the great category. Everything goes good until the bend test. That’s where things go wrong. Although, in all honesty, I don’t see how people could have expected a different result. If you haven’t watched the video yet, watch it below, and once you’re done cringing, let’s talk about what we saw.

Well, the screen popped off. Realistically, after a few reports of this happening, this is not what anyone wanted to see. But at the same time, I’m not so sure that we could have expected anything different. I’m not so sure that the bend test is fair for a physical keyboard phone.

First of all, the bend test is the most unscientific test out of all the destructive tests completed. We do not know how much pressure is used, and there is no way to compare the pressure used on the KEYone vs any other phone. It looks like a fair amount of force is used, and to be honest, many of the phones he tests look like they take a fair amount of force as well. In this case, the KEYone didn’t bend in half. That’s a good thing. Instead, the screen popped out. That’s a bad thing.

So, is the test fair? I don’t think so. Why would I say that? Because many of the phones that are bent on the YouTube Channel see their screen separate from the body of the phone. Don’t believe me? I’ll include photos of just a few I looked at while writing in this post down below. Those phones all have something in common with each other, that the KEYone does not. Those phones are all full touch phones.

As the phones are bent, the full force of the bend, is shared between the front glass, and the body of the phone. For a better explanation, the top and bottom of the phone experiences a force which is pressing the glass into the body of the phone. This is why we see the glass front separate from the body in the middle of the phone, and never on the top or bottom. On the KEYone, this is a different force. The glass does not go top to bottom like all the other phones. Instead the glass stops at the amazing physical keyboard. The top of the screen received the full force of the bending, while the bottom had the tips of his two middle fingers resting on it, while the thumbs pressed up in the middle. Anyone who has ever played on a teeter totter, used a pry bar, or who can define lever and fulcrum should have been able to predict what would happen.

Now, I will admit something did worry about the video, and that is the lack of adhesive on the screen. He states there is no adhesive whatsoever on the screen, and looking at the video, I surely don’t see any. Now, I’m obviously no engineer or phone designer. I do not know how the screen is clipped into the phone, and honestly don’t know if there should be any adhesive used in the manufacture of this phone, but it sure seems like there should be. Even if it’s just there as an extra measure. I’m not ready or willing to say that this is a mistake though. As I said, I’m no expert in the construction of phones. Could it be a mistake not to have adhesive? It certainly could be. Could it be that the phone doesn’t require adhesive? That could certainly be the case. I will wait for an explanation from BlackBerry Mobile before I make a judgement though.

I would bet though, that had JerryRigEverything had a KEYone with a full layer of adhesive between the screen and the body and done the same test, we would see one of two results. Either the screen would have popped out just as we saw in this video, or the screen would have broke.

See below for screen captures from other JerryRigEverything videos where we can see the screen separating from the phone’s body during his bend test.

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