Jeremy Clarkson Mobbed By Twitter

Critique a progressive and the Twitter mob will find a way to devalue you.

Jeremy Clarkson has upset the Twitter mob, and in doing so has provided the perfect example I was looking for. Clarkson is a British celebrity. In other words, I have only a passing knowledge of who he is. Primarily because I have had British friends who were fans of his television show Top Gear. A television show which I have never watched a single episode of. In other words, I am not a fan of his, nor do I dislike him. I simply do not know anything about the man. As I said, the perfect example.

Yesterday, a Tweet of his was shared in a group which I am in. The tweet, which saw over 18 thousand retweets and 89 thousand likes, was critical of London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Nearly two hourse before that Tweet, Clarkson had tweeted out another complaint. This one about a road closure. This tweet was retweeted a mere 209 times, and saw 5 thousand likes.

Jeremy Clarkson’s initial tweet saw very little interaction. I mean really, why would it? The man was complaining about a closed road. Who hasn’t done that? I certainly have, and if you have driven an automobile, I’m sure you have as well. In the grand scheme of things, it was a forgettable tweet. Looking at the interaction with it, it saw very little action.

But that tweet was followed up by the critique of Mayor Sadiq Khan. The progressive mayor of London, that has a habit of banning anything with a point, be it a knife, a screwdriver, or an alternative political view. Khan is probably best known outside of the UK as the mayor who said living with terror attacks is “part and parcel of living in a big city” and is the face of “resisting” US President Donald Trum in the UK. The fact is, under Khan’s leadership, London has seen the city’s police tasked with investigating “hate speech” on social media. while violent crime like acid attacks and knife crimes have skyrocketed. But facts mean nothing to the Twitter mob. Not when they can fall back on manufactured outrage.

The outrage was surely manufactured today. Twitter was in an uproar about Jeremy Clarkson. But not because of his more popular tweet. No, not at all. Instead, the topic at hand was his forgettable traffic complaint tweet. It was a good old fashioned pile on. Far too many vulgarity laden tweets were posted by folks that had just recently been posting their hatred of President Trump and/or Brexit.

Mainstream media made sure to post it.

And what happened to me? Someone who does not follow Jeremy Clarkson, but who had retweeted his Sadiq Khan post? Who had not interacted at all with his traffic post, and had not even seen that post yesterday? Well, Twitter ensured that I saw the results of the Twitter mob. They wanted to be absolutely sure that I did not miss it. All day, from the moment I woke up, and even now, more than 14 hours later, Jeremy Clarkson is showing up on my Discover page, followed by a barrage of tweets telling me what a horrible person Clarkson is. For complaining about traffic.

Let’s be real. There is no outrage over Clarkson complaining about traffic. As I said before, we have all done it. His complaint about traffic is not why he is a current target of the anti-Trump, anti-Brexit Twitter mob. The reason he is being targeted is because of his critique of progressive poster boy London mayor Sadiq Khan.

This manufactured outrage serves one purpose. That is to devalue the opinion of Jeremy Clarkson. It is a tactic used by those that refuse to engage in discussion, or argue their own point of view. It is a tactic in which ad hominem attacks create a diversion. After all, if a person has no worth because of something you can accuse them of, why would anyone pay any attention to their point of view? This is the very reason we see words like “Nazi” , “fascist”, “misogynist”, “racist” and the likes used so frequently today. Because if someone is one of those things, why would you ever listen to one of their political points? You wouldn’t. Of course you wouldn’t.

Of course, there is a hidden danger to this method of attack. That method is that those words quickly lose their power. That is frightening, and it is a reality that has already occurred.

It’s a real life case of The Boy That Cried Wolf. If the boy constantly cries out wolf, people stop paying attention. People know that the wolf is fake. And when the real wolf shows up? No one comes running to save the boy.

Great job Twitter mob, you have done nothing but ensure that when the real Nazi-fascist-misogynist-racists arrive, no one will be listening to you. That does not bode well for the future.


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