JCPenney Upsets the Apple Fanboyz & Girlz

JCPenney has shut down contactless payments. Apple Pay users cry.

Someone with the JCPenney social media team is suffering. They have offended Apple users. And no one needs to be on the receiving end of that. A customer took to Twitter to ask why their wife was unable to use Apple Pay at a store, to receive a response that JCPenney had chose to remove Apple Pay support.

With a few angry responses from Apple Fanboyz & Girlz,, the company responded to one user who apparently had the caps lock stuck on their iPhone keyboard. JCPenney further clarified the reason behind their decision, in that they have stopped all contactless payments for the time being as they presumably update their technology.

But that was not good enough for Apple fans. They continued to show their frustration at the retailer with a tirade of complaints.

Some took the obvious tact of stating that the company would lose their business. Of course, we really must wonder just how much business they gave to the company in the first place.

Some donned their tinfoil hats.

Hoping this guy doesn’t drive?

You’ve got to give Apple users some credit. They are definitely loyal to the brand. It’s not many products that can get people voluntarily looking silly on social media.

By the way, UTB Blogs also does not accept Apple Pay.


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