JC Discusses the BlackBerry Passport Work Wide Concept in a new Video


JC has a new video in which he discusses the BlackBerry Passport work wide concept. In this video, he examines whether or not the BlackBerry “Work wide to see the bigger picture” slogan is really accurate. To support his conclusion, he does compare the amazing viewing and reading experience that BlackBerry Passport owners have known for a long time, including how it stacks up against the iPhone 6.

As many others have noted, the 4.5 inch square screen, with 1440 x 1440 resolution (453 ppi) on the Passport allows for more screen real estate and a sharper image. This really comes in handy, especially for those professionals when viewing websites and documents.

By enabling users to read 60 characters per line, it does helps them to be more productive as more information is displayed on the screen, without them having to scroll as much when compared to other devices such as the iPhone.

Against the BlackBerry Passport, the iPhone 6 was no comparison.  JC really goes into great detail of the reasons why in his video.

It is an excellent video and a great watch. After viewing it, you will understand why many of those who have come #BackToBlack were former iPhone users.

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen!


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  • Blackjack

    Glad you got this Web, this is a powerful video that just makes the iPhone look as lame as it is.

    • ray689

      Couldn’t agree more. Nice one Web. Thanks.

  • Anthony

    He should be comparing the Passport to iPhone 6+. locco_smiley_23

    The Passport is still wider than iPhone 6+. It’s also wider than Note 4.

    Watching movies or videos is still quite good on the Passport because the screen is high ppi. locco_smiley_37

    Typing in landscape mode on an iPhone 6+ or Note 4 isn’t excellent, the keyboards do use about 2/3 of the screen.

  • Trev

    That was a solid video from JC. I’m used to his “Why I hate…” videos, so it was good to see a more serious approach to displaying the advantages of the wider square screen of the Passport with common uses — not just spreadsheets.
    I’m also glad that he pointed out the width of the display while watching a landscape video was the same as an iPhone 4, something often overlooked when critics mention the black bars on the top and bottom (or sides for those pesky vertical videos).

    @Anthony: I agree that the larger iPhone 6+ would be a closer comparison, and hopefully he does a follow-up with a plus or even a Note. I wonder if he just couldn’t get access to a loaner for the comparison.

  • bambinoitaliano

    I agree. Sense of humour is very subjective. Not all get his sarcasm. As I read the comments on his videos, there are genuine people who are on Iphone and androids that are interested of what he has to share on BlackBerry phones. I don’t believe making fun of these users are helping the situation. There are many users still do not know the major transformation from OS7 to BB10 let alone the leaps and bounds since the 10.0 OS. I hope he does more of this kind of comparison and let his viewers make a knowledgeable decision.