James Gunn’s Brightburn Releases a Photo of Child. Really?

The newest promo photo for upcoming James Gunn film Brightburn poorly chooses to focus on a child.

James Gunn made the headlines last year, not only for a movie which he made, but because of old tweets which had found their way into the public eye. Gunn was just one of many who’s past had come back to haunt him. Upon discovery of the tweets, he was fired by Disney from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and it was assumed that he would end up like so many others before and after him and fade into obscurity. Strangely enough, James Gunn was not to suffer the same fate that so many others had.

Instead, Gunn was immediately offered new movies, and has a new movie which is currently beginning to run promotions. The new movie is titled Brightburn and is being presented as “an evil Superman”. Honestly, how the movie is being presented, it sounds like just the movie I would enjoy to take up an hour or two of my day, however the hypocrisy that surrounds this film, will ensure it never ends up on my playlist.

We have seen a multitude of celebrities and public figures lose their careers and reputations over old social media posts or articles which they had written. We are seeing it take place once again with comedian Kevin Hart.

Upon the announcement that Kevin Hart would be hosting the Academy Awards, old tweets from a decade before were uncovered. These discovery of these tweets led to the comedian having to step down from hosting the show, and his future career is in question. The tweets themselves are, by today’s standard, unacceptable. They are homophobic, there is no denying that. However, any of us that can remember living a decade ago, can look at those tweets, and realize, they were a sign of the times. In one tweet he uses a two word punchline, which I can tell you, at least here in California, the home of entertainment industry which the Academy Awards holds so dear, was a punchline which you couldn’t go a day without hearing for a fair amount of time. I’m not attempting to defend the jokes, today’s standards have changed, and what may have been acceptable then, would certainly not be acceptable now. And for an edgy stand up comic? These jokes are actually quite tame.

James Gunn’s tweets were not so tame. James Gunn’s numerous tweets joked about pedophilia and rape. Two topics that have never really been the norm to joke about. Gunn’s tweets date back to the same years Kevin Hart’s tweets do, however, looking back, I can’t even begin to remember a time in which pedophilia or rape was considered a punchline.

Now, the latest promotion for Gunn’s new movie focuses on a weary looking child standing in a field with a cape. I consider this a poor choice.

So why the hypocrisy? Why would someone who believes jokes about the rape of children is funny be allowed a bright future in Hollywood. Why are so many seeing the end of their careers for comments made that were socially acceptable at the time, or even for comments that were made that were later twisted to be deemed offensive by someone else? Well, it seems James Gunn was a very outspoken critic of President Donald Trump. While most of Hollywood is seen as a liberal stronghold, very helpful to the left, and very unfriendly to the right, James Gunn took it to a much higher level than most. He uses his social media as an activist thread, and had rallied many behind him before these old tweets were dredged up. Apparently his voice was deemed too important to Hollywood to use, and while others on both the left and right have seen their careers ended for poor commentary, Gunn was forgiven, without ever even offering an apology.


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